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For over 10 years we help companies around the world to optimize the security and stability of their SAP® landscapes. On the Virtual Forge Blog, our experts provide relevant content ready to help you to better understand and mitigate your IT risks.


Caroline Neuber, Virtual Forge GmbH

Caroline has 5 years of professional experience in the B2B segment. Born close to the SAP headquarter in a family of marketers she early got a feeling for the marketing of complex IT products. Her studies in Sales & Marketing (M.A.) and Business Psychology (B.A.) deepened her knowhow and her passion. As Product Marketing Manager at Virtual Forge she communicates complex SAP security topics comprehensively to everyone.

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SAP Security Today: 5 Challenges for CIOs (Part 2)

Successful Formula to SAP Security

Based on the C-level challenges described in Part 1, this section provides you with recommendations for action. Based on our many years of experience, we can present you with proven methods that make it possible to sustainably protect the SAP landscape in your company.

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SAP Security Today: 5 Challenges for CIOs

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) holds a responsible position in the company. He is responsible for all IT decisions affecting the company. A task that was still manageable in the early days of the Internet. Today, when a company can hardly do without strong IT, without connectivity and without digital transformation, the complexity of these issues is higher than ever.

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SAP® Security- Reading Recommendations

"If our economy is to thrive, our commitment to cyber-security must be consistent with our commitment to innovation." Justin Somaini, Chief Security Officer of SAP®, presents this sentence in a security lecture by the American SAP user group ASUG. We, the Virtual Forge, can only agree here.

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Our SAP® Systems are Secure. Right?

February 19, 2018 From Caroline Neuber, Virtual Forge GmbH

Many companies assume that their SAP® systems are secure. After all, a lot of money was invested in the SAP software and SAP is trusted as one of the most successful software providers worldwide. It is therefore expected that the purchased products will also meet the current security standards. But what is the reality?

This text was published as an advertorial in issue 1/18 of the DSAG magazine "blaupause".

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SAP® Security: Do you know your SAP Security Situation?

January 30, 2018 From Caroline Neuber, Virtual Forge GmbH

IT security has many facets. Your SAP® systems are only one of them, but they are the most important ones. They contain personal data of your customers, employees and partners and depict the business processes that are vital for your survival. An attack on your SAP systems has serious consequences for your company. Not only considerable costs for detecting and correcting the attack, but also production downtime, high penalties and enormous damage to the image can be the result.

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SAP Security Is Gaining Ground

September 28, 2017 From Caroline Neuber, Virtual Forge GmbH

Two independent studies have shown that the awareness regarding  SAP security has tightened up over the past 12 months SAP users of the DACH countries as well as the SAP user group United Kingdom and Ireland see the necessity to spring into action and better protect their systems.

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