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Life @ Virtual Forge

January 15, 2019 | From Virtual Forge GmbH



Life at Virtual Forge is multifaceted; our tasks are widely spread between IT, Support and Marketing. We would like to give you a better insight: What does the work day of, e.g. an employee in the Support department look like? Which qualities does one need to become a dual student in our IT department or what do our Sales employees associate with our company? 

We have asked our colleagues and will now introduce a new employee to you in our blog series “Life @ Virtual Forge” on a regular basis.

NameMarkus Heid L@VF

Hello, my name is Markus Heid.

What's your life motto?

I believe that life is too great and complex to be summarized in a short poetry album saying.

Who are you and what do you do at Virtual Forge?

My name is Markus and I’m from the German region Lower Franconia in North-West Bavaria. I studied Technical Informatics at the University of Applied Science Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

I have been working as a Senior Developer at Virtual Forge for almost 3 years. So, my job is to make sure that our software does whatever my marketing and sales colleagues promise to our customers.

What's your job about?

I have been a software developer for a while now. With time, I gained more experience and my area of responsibility has grown as well. Beside programming, I’m also doing the design planning and decision making of our product "CleanupSolutions".

What can you tell us about your team and the collaboration within Virtual Forge?

In my team you will find very experienced colleagues with whom it makes fun to work with. I am the only one out of the immediate team who is based in the headquarter in Heidelberg.  My colleagues are either working with our nearshoring partner in Romania or work from the home office all over Germany. The team work in Virtual Forge is excellent and exemplary.

What's on your schedule today?

I started my day with sharing a basket of mirabelle plums and fine plums from my own fruit garden with my colleagues. Afterwards I had a team meeting called "Scrum Meeting". The Scrum Meeting is a daily virtual “team get-together” for about 10-15 minutes, where we discuss our tasks from the previous day, what we do that day, and whether we need support or not.   

On Mondays, I usually have a Q&A session, with one of the Managing Directors as well. During these sessions, we discuss questions concerning our products and further actions are decided. Today I'm taking care of some questions from our support team regarding the product I’m responsible for.

Most probably, I will only be able to do my developer’s duties after lunch, which actually is programming! 

What do you like most about your job here?

What I love about my job is that I can work mostly independently and at the same time I can always count on help if necessary. In my team, nobody will be left alone with a problem. This is a great mix!

What is the biggest challenge of your job?

The greatest challenge in development is the product’s versatility. When a product is being used by hundreds of customers, there are several ways a product can be implemented. And all of them are right.

Ensuring a faultless product performance in all these potential applications is my daily challenge

How did you get your job?.

I joined Virtual Forge via a headhunter. In fact, I noticed the company already when I was looking for a job. At that time, the "security" area really put me off a bit. Too bad, because otherwise I could have been here much earlier. At that time, I was too influenced by the cliches of the film industry and then I was positively presented with what great people work here. Now and then you meet your colleagues for a beer or go out together outside working hours, e.g. on St. Patrick's Day or to the Christmas market.

How did you experience your time at Virtual Forge so far?

The time at Virtual Forge has been just fantastic. I can honestly say that Virtual Forge is the best employer, I have worked for so far.

Which qualities should one have for your job?

Curiosity, the willingness to experiment, and the courage to now and then question the rules.

What development prospects are there in your department?

Depending on your personal interest, there are many different learning and development perspectives in my field. As a developer, you can evolve from a pure programmer to a product designer. You can also become a product owner (with or without personnel responsibility). Further, there is also the possibility to change sides, using your technical experience as a Pre-Sales Consultant.

What do you associate with Virtual Forge?

For me, Virtual Forge stands for an exemplary employer and the first point of contact regarding SAP-Security.

What has been your worst job so far?

It was my first job I took after I had left my beloved Franconia.

In your opinion, what is the best investment that Virtual Forge has made or should make? (e.g. monetary kind, time or energy)

Air conditioning in the office in summer would be great. If this is not possible, you could provide a bucket of water for an occasional sauna infusion. ;-)

What advice would you give to a student or apprentice in your profession to get ahead? What advice should they ignore?

Do your own thing and don't let others influence you so much. If I had believed my career counselors, I would neither have graduated school, nor have studied at university.

Thank you, Markus!


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