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Life @ Virtual Forge

December 4, 2018 | From Virtual Forge GmbH



Life at Virtual Forge is multifaceted; our tasks are widely spread between IT, Support and Marketing. We would like to give you a better insight: What does the work day of, e.g. an employee in the Support department look like? Which qualities does one need to become a dual student in our IT department or what do our Sales employees associate with our company? 

We have asked our colleagues and will now introduce a new employee to you in our blog series “Life @ Virtual Forge” on a regular basis.


Hello, my name is Mariana Lasprilla

What's your life motto?

My life motto sounds like a proper cliché: “If you are the smartest person in a room, you’re in the wrong room!”

Who are you and what do you do at Virtual Forge?

My name is Mariana. I’m from Venezuela, I’m now living in Heidelberg, and I’m leading the Quality Assurance (QA) team at Virtual Forge.

What's yMarianaour job about?

Quality Assurance is about ensuring that our products meet the customer’s expectations. We do that through automated and manual testing. In practice, we work closely with our developers to understand our goals, challenge assumptions, and test continuously.

What can you tell us about your team and the collaboration within Virtual Forge?

Each QA-Expert works with two teams – a product team and the QA team. On the one hand, we participate as testers in the entire release cycle of a product. On the other hand, we as a team align with a joint strategy.

The teamwork is excellent on all levels. After working in IT for over a decade, I can honestly say that I’ve never worked with so many brilliant, motivated, friendly, and fun people as here at Virtual Forge before. I’m enjoying my job a lot.

What's on your schedule today?

I start the day with error checking on our automated runs. Afterwards, I meet my colleagues from different product teams to learn about the latest changes, so I can design and program the right automations. In between, I do a couple of manual tests and discuss open topics and training options with our QA experts. Furthermore, there is always time for a piece of cake – I love cake. Good thing is that there is always cake in the office! 😉

What do you like most about your job here?

The mix makes the difference! I love working with all our products and the variety of tasks, from technical to people-oriented. I like “playing around” in exploratory testing, writing test codes, and discussing ideas with the team.

What is the biggest challenge of your job?

My biggest challenge is setting priorities and to focus on the essentials, so I do not get lost in everyday work. I think good time management is everything.

How did you get your job?

After twelve years of working with the SAP HR/HCM module, I wanted to do something new.

I was looking for a position with a technical focus and where I could apply my SAP experience. I have heard only good things about Virtual Forge from a couple of former colleagues. So, I contacted one of them to learn more… and four months later I was part of the VF Team.

How did you experience your time at Virtual Forge so far?

Time flies when you‘re having fun!

Which qualities should one have for your job?

Given the complexity of the SAP Security area, you should definitely have a technical affinity. Attention to detail, ability to work independently, as well as working in a structured manner are beneficial.

What development prospects are there in your department?

Junior testers have a great choice! As QA is so diverse, you can decide whether you prefer to take the technical or the strategic path. Where some love the test automation, performance testing, or even development, others prefer management, product ownership, or strategy.

What was your highlight at Virtual Forge until now?

My absolute highlight was at our last summer party, when our CEO, Markus Schumacher, spontaneously joined the band and played a few AC/DC songs. He played really well, by the way!

What do you associate with Virtual Forge?

Virtual Forge is for me the best company in making SAP systems – and thus companies all over the world - more secure.

What has been your worst job so far?

In my former life, I was a consultant in big SAP HCM implementation projects with plenty of challenges. Especially in one project, I managed to work with unrealistic deadlines and tamed difficult colleagues.

Afterwards, I can say that I learned a lot, including to stay calm under pressure.

What do you do to keep busy when you're not at Virtual Forge?

I love visiting new places with my husband and two children, as well as running, reading, and trying to learn how to play the piano. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

In your opinion, what is the best investment that Virtual Forge has made or should make? (e.g. monetary kind, time or energy)

What makes Virtual Forge so special is the wide range of internships, apprenticeships, and dual study programs. I think it's great that our interns and students are fully integrated into the work and can sometimes take on their own responsibilities. Our colleagues take their time for the training, so they learn a lot about our products and cyber security in general in a short time.

In addition, I think it's good that Virtual Forge is encouraging the employees to do more sports. I enjoy doing sports after work. That's why I like to use the free gym membership Virtual Forge is offering us.

What advice would you give to a student or apprentice in your profession to get ahead? What advice should they ignore?

The world of IT moves at lightning speed, so be ready to keep on learning!

Thank you, Mariana!


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