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Life @ Virtual Forge

December 14, 2017 | From Virtual Forge GmbH



Life at Virtual Forge is multifaceted; our tasks are widely spread between IT, Support and Marketing. We would like to give you a better insight: What does the work day of, e.g. an employee in the Support department look like? Which qualities does one need to become a dual student in our IT department or what do our Sales employees associate with our company? 

We have asked our colleagues and will now introduce a new employee to you in our blog series “Life @ Virtual Forge” on a regular basis.

Leonard Ertel.jpgWho are you and what do you do at Virtual Forge?

I'm Leonard, live in Heidelberg and I'm studying Computer Science specializing on IT security in Darmstadt. At Virtual Forge, I am part of the Consulting department, where I support our advisors in exciting customer projects or can prove myself in my own smaller projects.

What's the best aspect of your dual course? 

The feeling of always being welcome and of being part of something bigger in the company. Each day poses new challenges and especially in the beginning one develops a lot of pleasure and ambition to learn more.

My degree poses smaller challenges every now and then; especially during the theoretical phases, motivation plays a huge role and is often lacking a bit. These phases are overcome relatively quickly though and makes one even more excited about the time when I can help in the company again.

What's your dual course about? 

In my degree one learns more or less the basics that are enormously important for the job, so that the processes are understood and one orient oneself in the working world later.

While I'm at Virtual Forge – during the semester breaks or the practical phases – I am part of bigger but also smaller customer projects and I'm trying to participate as good as I can with my knowledge. The short version is that we are responsible of finding security vulnerabilities in SAP® systems, identifying them and showing our customers how they can be corrected or avoided in the future.

How did you get your dual course?

I came to Virtual Forge through contacts in my personal environment and finally because of my interest and long-standing experience in the field of IT.

What was your highlight at Virtual Forge until now? 

There are many highlights at Virtual Forge. Especially impressive were the first appointments with customers, our inhouse exhibition "C-Forge" and our annual summer parties and Christmas parties that always make for variety and entertainment.

What do you associate with Virtual Forge?

I associate Virtual Forge with high quality in the field of SAP security, an amazing team that always supports one another und of course... really great parties!

Thank you Leonard!


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