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Vulnerability Scanners for Your SAP® Systems

October 24, 2017 | From Virtual Forge GmbH

Hand presenting against serene landscape with city on the horizon at night.jpegAn increasing number of companies report on the importance of vulnerability scanners in the IT context. We will go one step further and tell you why it is reasonable to particularly use vulnerability scanners for your SAP® systems.

The SAP system is the core of many companies. On it, highly sensitive data is saved and internal business processes are mapped. So, what happens if this core is attacked or does not perform as desired? Stagnant business processes as well as unwanted intruders into the SAP system are the nightmares of every company. But what can be done so that these nightmares do not become reality?

Take precautionary measures! Vulnerability scanners are ideal tools to gain an overview of the status quo of the security of your SAP systems. The use of these scanners provides an enormous edge. You will be informed in advance if there are security holes and how they can be exploited. With the help of a detailed report, you receive a current stocktaking and you see immediately how you are positioned. Thus, you are always a step ahead and have time to act before your system is penetrated.

But what is the cause for vulnerabilities in your SAP systems? According to our experience, there are four areas mainly responsible for security holes. The configuration of SAP systems with its roles and authorization and its respective data base is one of these areas. Basic settings can already cause enormous security holes. But incorrect coding can also lead to big vulnerabilities and therefore offer intruders an easy way in. Furthermore, the installation of faulty custom developments on a productive system can have an enormous impact. Additionally, the numerous interfaces implemented in between systems pose further risks.

Another area is the patch management, i.e. the timely implementation of security patches. A vulnerability scanner can offer insight if updates are functional or if adjustments have to be made.

Vulnerability scanners shine light into dark corners and help you to proactively protect your SAP systems by bringing up this painful subject and ruthlessly showing you, where your company can optimize its security. Is it not worth it to be that one step ahead?

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